Deneral appearance
The Dobermann is of medium size, strong and muscular. With elegant lines of his body, his proud carriage, his temperamental character and its expression of determination, it conforms to the ideal figure of the dog. Important measurements and proportions The trunk of the Dobermann, especially in males, is practically registrable in a square. In the male the length of the body (measured from point of shoulder to point of buttocks) should not exceed more than 5% the height at the withers: femminale in this trunk length should not exceed more than 10% of height at the withers. Behavior and character The Dobermann must be fundamentally sociable and quiet; family is very affectionate and very attached to the children. In the Dobermann you look for a medium temperament, media aggression and an average response threshold (so a very stable character). Despite its special docility and his pleasure at work, the Dobermann must be, as needed, determined, courageous and demonstrate a good temper. Since the Doberman is a very caring dog to everything that happens around it and has an adequate reaction to the surrounding environment, it will appreciate the fact that it is very sure of himself and never show indecision and fear.

Long well proportioned to body and head, the neck is lean and muscular; its upper border has an elegant convexity; neck posture must be tight and show pride and distinction.
Trunk: The withers especially in males, is very pronounced in height and length and determines the performance of the top line of the back that is slightly sloping (from front to back) to the rump. Back: Short and solid; the whole back must have adequate length and must be bandaged well-developed muscles. Loins: the kidney should be short, strong and well muscled. In females, the kidney can be a bit long to allow adequate room for the breast.
Croup: The upper profile of the rump, seen from the side, it is slightly sloping from front to back. Well-rounded appearance, the upper profile of the croup should not be neither too horizontally or too inclined. The rump must be of good width and well covered with muscles. Chest and thorax: the height and depth of chest must be well proportioned to the body length. The ribs are long, oblique and well convex well with extended intercostal spaces. The rib height (measured from the withers to the lowest edge of the sternum) corresponds to almost half of the height at the withers. The chest is of good width, particularly developed in the front (forechest).
Bottom Line: from the rear end of the sternum to the pelvis, the abdomen is considerably retracted.
Tail: Set high and docked short so as to keep intact the first two caudal vertebrae. In countries where the law prohibits caudectomia, it can be judged intact.
Testicles: Male animals should have two testicles of normal size, fully descended into the scrotum.
forelimbs: Together in Their forelegs, from whatever side Siano Visas, must APPEAR Robust and almost straight, That is perpendicular to the Soil. Shoulders: The shoulder blade MUST be well attached to the chest and covered with well-DEVELOPED Muscles from BOTH sides of acromiale Plug; IT protruding upper RESPECT to the spinous processes of the dorsal vertebrae. The shoulder blade MUST be oblique, well-oriented and Forming an angle of about 50 with the horizontal. Arm: Good length and muscular. Scapula humerus is between 105 and 110 . Elbow: The elbows, viewed from the front, are well attached to the brisket and not turning out. Forearm: The forearm and strong, perpendicular to the Soil and muscular: HIS length MUST be in harmony with the Whole Body. Carpo: the articulation of the carpus and Solid (and dry). Metacarpal: pastern MUST Have a 'strong bone. Seen from the front: pasterns they continue the vertical line; Profile of visas, pasterns must APPEAR quite spread out (maximum 10 ). Front feet: Feet are short with the toes tight and arched toward the top (cat feet). The nails are short and black. hindlimb: in His Together, seen from behind, the rear of the Dobermann, given the Mighty muscles of the pelvis (hips and rump), gives the impression of being powerful and harmonious. That covers the muscles pelvis, ALSO is the Tibie highlights A well appreciable width in the thigh region and That of the knee and leg. The hind legs, seen from behind, appearing Strong, straight and parallel between Them. Thigh: the thighs are well long, wide, strong and muscular. The inclination of the thigh and quite oblique (top to bottom and back to front) and forms with the HORIZONTAL an angle of about 75 . Knee: the thigh, leg and kneecap They form the robust articulation of the knee, whose angle E of about 180 . Leg: is the support length, in harmony with the length of the back. Hocks: The hocks They faces well developed in width, they are parallels between Them and They form with the tibia with a metatarsal of about 140 angle. Hock: the metatarsus and short and perpendicular to the soil. back foot: come to the front foot, the toes of the back foot are short, well together and arched upward.
The gait And Very Important SIA Employment which the Dog and intended, SIA at the morphological EVALUATION well. At the trot the dog moves with elastic step, elegant, agile, loose and COVERS Very terrain. The front limb And a Large Leap Forward, WHILE the rear gives the impulse needed to stretch an elongated and elastic. The dog moves simultaneously the front leg of one side The rear of the other. In the movement, the back, the ligaments and the joints are firm.
SKIN And well, well pigmented and adheres closely to dapperttutto Bones and Muscles of.
Nature of the hair: the hair must be dense, smooth, fine, satin, shiny, equal in length, uniformly distributed and adherent over the entire surface of the body. There shall be no undercoat. coat color: the colors are black or brown with rust red markings well marked and clearly demarcated. The markings are on the muzzle; as spots on the cheeks, the eyebrows, on the throat and chest (two spots): on the metacarpals and the metatarsals, on the feet, on the inside faces of the limbs, the labrum anal on the ischial prominence.
Dimensions and weightSize:
height at withers: males 68-72 cm. - Females 63-68 cm .; for both sexes size it is average. Weight: Males about 40-45 kg. - Females about 32-35 kg.
Any variation in relation to the standard should be considered a fault which is penalized according to the gravity. General characteristics: poor distinctness of secondary sexual characteristics, little substance, too light, too heavy, leggy, weak bone structure. Head: too wide, too narrow, too short, too long; Stop too much or too little marked; ram-rod nose; transversal line of the skull that greatly reduces the side; lower jaw lightly developed; eye round or almond shaped; clear eye; eye protruding or sunken; embossed cheeks; lips taut or pending; too obvious corner of the lips; Ears set too high or too low. Neck: a short or too little shorter; Skin abundant neck; dewlap; deer's neck; neck too long; not harmonious. Trunk: Solid back not well; insellato; back of carp; steep croup; hoops excessive or poor chest; Insufficient chest height; insufficient width of the chest; back too long overall; lack of forechest; bottom line too much or too little retracted; tail set too high or too low. Arts: angles of the front and / or rear too much or too little marked; loose elbows; position and length of bones and joints different from those indicated in the standard; foot lefty or Cagiola; hough vaccines or barrel or too closed. Foot open or flat; fingers insufficiently developed; clear nails. Coat: Markings too light or not well defined; dirty tan (carbonate); mask too dark; black overlay to scrub the limbs; tan too pale or too extended on the chest; not short-haired, smooth, matte, corrugated; hairless areas of the body and covered with little hair; big hair rose mainly on the body; undercoat visibile.Dimensioni and weight Dimensions: height at the withers: males 68-72 cm. - Females 63-68 cm.; Both sexes for the size is average. Weight: Males about 40-45 kg. - Females about 32-35 kg.
Character: little Self-confidence, nervousness, temperament too high, aggressiveness, threshold reaction too low or too high. Size:. A 2 cm size difference, in more or Meno RESPECT From an Indicated That Verra penalized with a lower qualification standards. Gait: irregular, trottinante, inelastic, AMBIO. What defects Disqualifying General characteristics: marked reversal of secondary sexual characters. Eye: yellow eye (from Rapace); Gazzuoli eyes. Teeth: undershot and overshot; Level bite; Number of teeth less than That dental formula. Coat: White spots; Nap too long or Very wavy; Markedly thinned hair or wide hairless areas. Character: scary barrel; too nervous; overly aggressive. Size: One size difference greater than 2 cm. in more or Meno RESPECT That Indicated From a standard. Testicles: Monorchidism or criptochidismo.



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